The Child in Carbonite

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It looks like the Mando found a quick solution to keep the Child temporarily out of trouble!

The large version is approximately 17 inches square which almost gets the Child to his full height of 16 inches. If you're looking for a particular size to fit your space I'm happy to get you a quote.
The finished version is painted in silver and gray tones with a handful of LED lights in the side panels. The lights are powered by a rechargeable battery pack hidden in the interior.

Printed in gray PLA+ at .2mm with 5% infill for the large pieces and 15% for the minis which is sufficient for a quality print without taking forever and costing a small mint. All unfinished kits are shipped with the supports removed but will require clean up and finishing. I suggest sanding, followed by filler primer, and a top coat of XTC-3D for smoothness and added rigidity.

Model by Hex3D

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