Proptober Day 29 - Wood
Jennifer Belgin

Oftentimes we tend to get very comfortable in a particular material niche, be it thermoplastics, fabric, resin, or whatever. One of my goals for Proptober was to try and get people working with materials that are out of their comfort zone and I'd argue that wood is not one of the more common materials used in prop fabrication. However, there are many makers out there that really excel with this material. WoodChuck makes amazing replica weapons and there are any number of others who use wood in their builds.


For today I'm going to enable you to make your very own magic wand. This is the third Harry Potter project on the list so by all means feel free to branch out (hahaha see what I did there?) if you'd prefer to do something else, but this was a super easy and fun project I did with my kids. I used the Instructable below but subbed a wooden dowel for paper. Although using paper certainly still falls in this category!



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