Proptober Day 25 - Light It Up
Jennifer Belgin
A few years back there was a trend towards adding light effects to various props and costume pieces. I remember ordering some EL Wire from Amazon, reading up on how to trim and install it, and thinking it was pretty slick stuff. That's how I managed finishing Zed from League of Legends back in 2014!

2014-06-29 20.22.26
Now I've started wiring my own electronics and have picked up some light reading on programming Arduino and Raspberry Pi to do some truly amazing light work. I also have had the opportunity to teach a few LED basics classes for those peeps who want to start branching out on their own. Your goal for today is to add lighting to a prop. If you don't feel comfortable wiring something up on your own, use a pre-made light kit!

Sometimes when you are working on a project, there is no ready-made product available and so you'll find that having a basic understanding of electronics will save your butt! My go to resources are Kamui's book on Cosplay Lights but you can find oodles of tutorials from other makers like Punished Props. Some are geared towards general knowledge and others are for specific projects. Just do your research, be safe, and light it up!

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