Color Scheme Dreams
Jennifer Belgin

I tend to paint a lot of similarly colored Mandalorian armor. Black, red, and gunmetal are strong choices, but I often find myself yearning for something different. Maybe brighter. Maybe with some geometric patterns or sculptural details. 

I was cruising through Pinterest the other day and found these cool color scheme palettes that I thought might inspire those trying to find the right colors. Where do the colors come from? They're inspired by pixels in the given image!

Then it occured to me that I might entice people to step away from standards if I'd offer them the opportunity to get 5% off their order for doing so. All you have to do is use COLORSCHEME at checkout and let me know the name of your color palette in the comments section.

The other day I also randomly came across this article filled with similar color schemes pulled from classic film, which I'll be adding to the board. If you happen to find something similar I'll consider that as well! There ares some really beautiful palettes, but the one with Snape slays me. Always.


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