Jennifer Belgin

I had a client come to me with a few reference images, a color scheme, and free rein with the rest of the design. In other words, AWESOME!

I'm finally getting this started and promised him I'd provide images and updates so that he could chronicle the project from start to finish. If I get the chance, I'll add some video too.


This was one part of the build that was left totally up to me. I think it went something along the lines of, "just make sure it looks Star Warsy".  I started with the idea of doing a tribute helmet, then headed over to one of NME's pieces, but I wasn't really obsessed with either. I find with most costumes that when something is meant to be, it just works, and such was the case with my final choice: Open Seasons.

I believe this was originally sculpted by Head Shot Props and the mold was later purchased by Forgeprops. This mold has been recently decommissioned so this is essentially the last of it's kind. You can see some damage caused during travel and by the failed silicone mold, but it's fixable.  I'm really looking forward to adding some bells and whistles to it along with a pretty paint job. Ultimately, the client gets a wicked bucket that is also the last to be made. She may not be pretty, kid, but she's got it where it counts.





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