Refunds and Returns

I will generally only provide refunds before your order has processed.
If we do agree to a refund, I will apply a 7% restocking charge to cover the associated fees.
Please do not make a purchase from my store if you are unwilling to abide by the parameters set forth on this page.
I am almost always amenable to allowing you to change your order provided that I have not already purchased the materials. If I have already done so, we can discuss an arrangement that is mutually beneficial.
I want my customers to be happy with their finished orders and generally work with them to ensure I have met their costuming needs. If I am unable to complete an order as promised I will provide a refund or exchange. I put a great deal of time and energy into maintaining the site, adding new content, and working on and developing commissions and will not give you a refund simply because you decided you no longer want your order.