Ultimate Jetpack - Animated Style Tall or Short

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If you are looking to finish up your Death Watch Mandalorian or other animated-style build, this is the pack for you!

Simple Finish: 1 or 2 color paint scheme & light weathering.
Detailed Finish: 3+ color paint scheme & detailed weathering. Or a pristine paint job.
Canon Paint: Painted to resemble a specific characters jetpack as closely as possible.

The components include:

  1. 2 side tank resin tank toppers
  2. 1 center topper (choose short or tall)
  3. 2 resin thruster nozzles
  4. 2 resin “valves”
  5. Center tank ABS
  6. top tanks plate ABS
  7. backing plate ABS
  8. 2 black steel mounting clips and Chicago screws

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