Royal Pilot of the First Order Helmet

Darth Cleavage

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Royal Pilot of the First Order Helmet
Royal Pilot of the First Order Helmet
Royal Pilot of the First Order Helmet
SHIPPING DATES ARE GUIDELINES, NOT GUARANTEES. If you have a specific date in mind, please contact me before ordering. Expediting is sometimes a possibility.
General Shipping Time: 2-3 months

The image is of the concept art, not an actual helmet. Accommodations to the design will have to be made to fit a human head. Also, this is not canon material.
These can be done in any color! The current price covers a non-metallic paint. If you are interested in something specialized please message me for details. Otherwise please put your color choice in the comments section when you order.

This is the pre-order for a Royal Pilot of the First Order helmet kit based on concept art by David Knapp. David has graciously granted me permission to bring this blend of Royal Guard and Tie Pilot to reality. Check out his other work at or request a commission at

The full kit will consist of eight pieces:
Two Shoulder Pieces
Collar (two pieces assembled into one)
Two Hoses
Neck Seal

Pieces may also be purchased individually. I will not be offering unfinished kits at this time.

The major complaint I have heard with regard to Royal Guard helmets is that the narrowness of the neck makes them difficult to wear for people with larger heads. Using a balaclava attached to a standard neck seal between the helmet and collar not only would allow a pilot greater range of motion but also solves many of the head fit issues. The neck seal will be ridged as in the image and will attach in the back with velcro. Shoulder plates and the collar will be ABS or HIPS plastic, while the helmet will be resin cast.

Ask about custom commissions!

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