Mini Mando Helmet - Kid Sized

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The final image shows the mini next to a full sized Sabine helmet. Paint of the Sabine was done by USA.

This is a full sized, wearable/costume mini helmet in the style of Sabine Wren made from a Mandalorian Arsenal blank. It can be altered to have a more traditional T-visor.

8" from ear to ear
8 1/2" from front to back
8 1/2" from top to bottom.

It is not a tiny helmet, but it is substantially smaller than the standard adult-sized helmets.

Want it unpainted? Head to the Mandalorian Arsenal

Simple Finish: Above plus a 1 or 2 color paint scheme & light weathering.
Detailed Finish: Above plus a 3+ color paint scheme & detailed weathering. Or a pristine paint job.

Canon: Painted to mimic a screen character as closely as possible.


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