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These are full sized, wearable/costume Mandalorian armor pieces made from Mandalorian Arsenal blanks in .125 HIPS.

The fantastic thing about this kit is that it is fully customizable and comes with your choice of the following pieces:

Femando 5pc Female Chest Plates

Femando 1

Curvy, but not so pronounced. Will fit up to D or DD cup


Femando 2

Shaped more to the female form for those who prefer a more "pronounced" look. Will fit up to C cup comfortably.


Femando 3

Shaped like the F2, but will fit up to a "D" cup.


Femando 4

Based on a mix of the Fem1 and Fem3. Has been tested to fit up to an "F" cup.


Nite Owl

Styled after the character Bo-Katan from the Clone Wars series. This will fit up to a "D" cup.


  5pc Male Chest Plates

Classic Mando

With proper spacing, this measures 13 1/2" wide by 15" tall.


Death Watch Male

With proper spacing, this measures 13 1/2" wide by 15" tall.


Shoulders  Cods

Death Watch

Classic Mando

Sabine Wren

Male Death Watch

Classic Male

Nite Owl

1 pc Fem


Thighs  Knees

Classic Mando

Death Watch

Death Watch

Jango Style


Shins Hand Plates Boot Covers

Classic Mando

Death Watch


Classic Mando

Death Watch


Classic Mando

Death Watch


A special note about gauntlets: I will attach toppers and greeblies, but do not attach the top and bottom clamshells. You will need to do this part yourself to ensure they fit properly.


Death Watch Base Gauntlets

Includes 4pcs total: Upper and lower half for both arms.


Classic Mando Gauntlets

Includes 7pcs total: Upper and lower half for both arms, outer box for left, top back and side boxes cast resin for right. ROCKET, NOZZLES, HINGES, and HOSES NOT INCLUDED.

Gauntlet Toppers (pick 2)

#3 with or without darts

#4 with or without darts

Sabine Wren style #5

Sabine Wren style #6 (opening 8cm x 4.7cm)

Season 4/5 Flamethrower #7

Simple Finish: Above plus a 1 or 2 color paint scheme & light weathering.
Detailed Finish: Above plus a 3+ color paint scheme & detailed weathering. Or a pristine paint job.
Canon: Painted to resemble a specific character's armor as closely as possible.

When ordering please list the specific armor pieces you want in your message!

Ask about custom commissions!

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