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Costume & Prop Fabrication, 3D Printing, and Graphic Design
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Human-Cyborg Relations Droid - C3P0
Due to the custom nature of these items, no refunds will be offered.

Human-Cyborg Relations Droid - C3P0

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If you have a specific need-by date in mind, please contact me before ordering. Expediting is sometimes a possibility.

All kits are fit to your dimensions! I utilize Armorsmith Designer by The Armored Garage to input your measurements and create armor that fits your specifications. Please note that I am not responsible for issues in fit if you provide incorrect measurements. 
Printed in gray PLA at .2mm with 15% infill, it's light but sturdy. All kits are shipped with the supports removed but will require clean up and finishing. I suggest sanding, followed by filler primer, and a top coat of XTC-3D for smoothness and added rigidity. I'll reach out after purchase to get your measurements and discuss details.
Forearms are printed as a solid piece but can be cut if you want to add hinges and have a tighter fit.
Model by Do3D
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Ask about custom commissions!