Han Solo in Carbonite - 1:1 Scale Kit

Darth Cleavage

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Han Solo in Carbonite - 1:1 Scale Kit
Han Solo in Carbonite - 1:1 Scale Kit
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Last year I was fortunate enough to get my hands on a copy of a copy of a copy of a full-sized Han in Carbonite for a garrison project and offered them to my squad-mates as a means of offsetting the molding and casting costs. As they have begun sharing their builds, more people have expressed interest in acquiring a set for themselves so I have finally decided to make them available.
The kit consists of 5 pieces:
Left and right feet (solid-cast resin). Head, abdomen, and legs (resin cast with expansion foam backing)
Clean up and assembly will be required for this project! You are just getting raw pieces that you will have to trim, install, and paint. Wards of DOOM has a great album of his build if you are interested in seeing one of these come together.
The provenance of the original cast that the copy of a copy of a copy was made from is unknown, so in order to put some goodwill out to the universe for the opportunity to offer these, $50 from each sale will go directly to the The 501st Legion Make-A-Wish Endowment Fund.
Buyers will receive a copy of the receipt for the donation.
There will be no refunds of this item under any circumstance. The size and shipping fees, not to mention the donation, make returns unfeasible.
Ask about custom commissions!