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Looking for the perfect gauntlet to complete your kit? These options are all made from vacuum formed .125 HIPS. Gauntlet toppers and greeblies are resin cast.
Each option is available as two clamshell pieces that you will assemble, or fully assembled with the hinge and magnet closure upgrade (produced by Eternal Armory). All versions include a simple paint scheme.

Classic Mandalorian

Includes 7pcs total: Upper and lower half for both arms, outer box for left, top back and side boxes cast resin for right. ROCKET, NOZZLES, and HOSES NOT INCLUDED.

Death Watch Mandalorian

 The standard version comes with 4 pieces (top and bottom clamshell for each arm) but can be customized to match Bo-Katan, Pre-Vizsla, or other characters with the addition of toppers.

Death Watch with Toppers (pick 2)
#3 with or without darts
#4 with or without darts
Sabine Wren style #5
Sabine Wren style #6 (opening 8cm x 4.7cm)

Season 4/5 Flamethrower #7

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