Gaffi Stick - Tusken Raider Gaderffii

Darth Cleavage

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Gaffi Stick - Tusken Raider Gaderffii
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This listing is for the "acorn head" style gaffi stick as carried by some Tuskan Raiders. It features the acorn style top, a straight shaft, and the finned extension that tapers into a point. Current image is for the general style rather than the exact finished piece.
Material options include a combination of mostly PVC and wood, or wood and metal. Both versions contain points made of pvc but the body materials are where the difference lies. With wood you get a grainier and more authentic look to the piece, but you are getting extra weight in both the shaft and end. With the PVC shaft option, you get a straighter and lighter piece with a wood grain effect.
These can be made as a single piece or a two-piece stick that unscrews for easier travel.

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