For Andrew - Paint and Finishing for ROTJ Boba Fett

Darth Cleavage

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For Andrew - Paint and Finishing for ROTJ Boba Fett
Pieces to be completed to 501st Legion standards for the Empire Strikes Back Boba Fett, to meet the clients sizing. Pieces will be completed as they arrive from each vendor. I will NOT GUARANTEE 501st APPROVAL but will paint and complete each piece to meet the standards set forth in the CRL by the Bounty Hunters Guild.
Helmet: Skyfire, including the metal Broden Connector, aluminium rangefinder stalk, etc, (assemble, paint, weather)

Neck Seal / Flak Vest / Flight Suit / Pouches / Spats: Arkady (weathering and maybe putting on velcro on the flak vest for the chest and back armors. As for the standard size pouches, may need your help to make it slightly smaller if it looks too big on me and thus not accepted for approval. Have asked on the TDH forum on the required pouches size but heard nothing. Do you know if a standard size is required?)

Armours + Gauntlets: RKD or Animefan (still waiting for their reply), with decals for the chest + shoulder armors from Luckysy31 / Chest Lights from Fettronics / Gauntlets greeblies from RKD / Collar and Cod armors metal connecting studs + Gauntlet and Knee Darts from MachineCraft or RKD
(trim, assemble, paint, weather, attaching the chest lights + collar and cod studs + all greeblies including the Gauntlets', applying the decals)
Jetpack: NME Props, with decals from Luckysy31 (assemble, paint, weather and applying decals)
Shin Tools: MOW or Shapeways (assemble, paint and weather)

Boots: CABoots with toe spikes from MachineCraft (attach toe spikes to boots, paint and weather entire boots and spikes)
Jetpack harness clips / hooks / rings / belt buckle: Full Metal Felt (attach the harness hooks, clips, rings to the jetpack
To be shipped to me with no modification needed:
Cape, wookie scalps, girth belt, ammo belt, gloves, jetpack harness
No refunds on custom orders.