Death Watch Nite Owl Armor - Eternal Armory

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Based on the animated-style Death Watch Nite Owl armor and formed from vacuum formed 0.090″ thick ABS, the kit includes the following:


  • right chest plate
  • left chest plate
  • center chest diamond
  • abdomen plate
  • neck plate (gorget)
  • shoulder plates (Pair)
  • hand plates (Pair)
  • left gauntlet top and bottom
  • right gauntlet top and bottom
  • gauntlet magnet closures
  • back plate
  • cod Plate
  • right thigh and holster
  • left thigh and holster
  • knee plates (Pair)
  • shin plates (Pair)
  • boot covers (Pair)
  • Boot Toe armor (Pair)

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