Jango Fett Helmet, Armor, & Jetpack

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With a canon Jango Fett: Attack of the Clones build under my belt, I'm now offering this on a regular commission basis.


Armor pieces include everything but the gauntlets. This includes the knee darts and the option of a modified cod plate to hold the belt in place.
Helmet can be purchased with or without a servo to add lights and move the rangefinder.

Gauntlets can be purchased with or without the light.

Jetpack can be purchased with or without the modifications that make it immediately usable for wear. The modified version includes trimming out and re-securing the storage compartment as well as adding snaps for quick attachment to your harness.


I do not make the majority of these pieces so I source them from other makers. For this reason, finish times are difficult to assess. If you need something in a short period of time, I may or may not be able to help you. PLEASE ASK BEFORE ORDERING! I will not provide a refund simply because you had an expectation that you didn't share with me.

I do not retail the work of other makers. For that reason, I only offer pieces that I assemble or finish in some way.

I do my best to ensure screen accuracy so that the quality of my pieces would be suitable for submission, but I do not guarantee that you will be approved by a costuming organization.


Jango Fett AOTC Costume Reference Library

Ask about custom commissions!