Captain Phasma - The Force Awakens - Weathered Version

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I have loved my time with the chrome lady but upcoming opportunities are leading me to help her find another home. Please note that due to the shiny nature of the chrome it is very difficult to take photos without seeing images of items in the surrounding area reflected on the pieces. Shipping is included in the price.

This full costume kit includes the following:

Helmet with flat lenses, foam padding, and dual fan setup.
Cast by Shawn Thorsson. Ravpower rechargeable battery I used can be ordered here. I opted for the flat lenses over bubbled because it distorts my field of vision less. This helmet has also been signed on the inside by Delilah S. Dawson, author of Phasma, when I was lucky enough to be asked to surprise her for the book launch.

Shoulders, chest yoke, ab blates, thermal detonator, biceps, wrists, handplates, fingers, cod, butt plate, solid belt boxes, thighs, and knees.
Flexible fiberglass kit produced by Jimiroquai. The chest yoke is a single piece with side closures. The thermal detonator is unfinished as it's hidden behind the cape. There is purposeful wear on pieces to mimic canon images and natural wear on pieces that tend to rub together during use. Knees have elastic which hides in between the gaskets. Thighs feature the upgraded metal gun hook. Adjustable straps included for shoulders and biceps to the chest piece with webbing and velcro. Thighs are attached via a weight belt setup with webbing and velcro drop straps. Ab belt features a magnetic closure.

Shins, boot backs, toe covers, and spats. 
ABS kits from KB Props. I recently decided to swap out the fiberglass pieces from the original kit for these. They are assembled, primed, have an initial black gloss coat, and are just about ready for chrome. I will also include the extra Last Jedi version of uncut spats in case you'd like to swap out versions at some point.

Cloth Belt Boxes and Neckseal
Pieces by Trooperbay. All but one pouch is filled with appropriately scale foam to fill them out. The empty pouch fits the included amp perfectly.
The beauty of a weathered kit is less pressure (and less need to continually repaint) to make the kit look great for troops. For areas where you want to quickly do some touch up, you can use a gloss black paint pen followed by a quick coat of airbrushed chrome.

Comprised of two pieces with parts velcroed and line 21 snapped in place. The inner belt is webbing and the outer belt is the screen-accurate ribbed plastic although the maker's name escapes me right now. There are two velcro closures to allow for adjustment around the bottom of the ab plate.

There are actually two different variants I have to offer. The first set is the standard, ribbed, cloth version from Fantasy Designs. There is some minor wear from use and the shoulder gaskets are attached to a shirt which removes issues of them shifting out of place during wear. I've added velcro to the top of the knee gaskets which matches velcro in the interior of the thighs. I've also included a custom stretch ribbed fabric top and stretch pants with the same fabric in place of the knees. The standard gaskets are warm and thick so the ribbed sneak suit is a nice substitute for certain events.

This pair of Calden's from Tall Men's Shoes feature interior lifts which give you approximately 5" of hidden lift. The shins and spats have been cut to fit the extended shaft height and are a ladies 11/men's 9. If these won't work for you I've also included the insert-able lifts that add 2-3 inches to other shoes.

The cape is the two panel version cut and hand-sewn by me to meet canon requirements. The pattern is based on those put forward by Ingrid Moon and Jessica Bowyer. My cape is cotton duck canvas coated with canvas binder to give it a stiffer feel and the red stripe is hand painted per the requirements. I've attached velcro to the top which attaches the cape to the interior of the yoke to prevent slippage while it's being worn.

Milled by Terminus Armory, the pike twists apart at the middle to allow for easier storage. Body is machined metal but the tips are plastic. It's been primed and has a single coat of gloss black.

Everything Else
TK Products Push to Talk cable
Aker Amp (will need mic)
New balaclava
New XL ladies black long sleeve top
Extra gloves with rubber fingers
1 bottle Alclad II Chrome
2 Bottles Alclad II AquaGloss (If you want to seal it. I did not.)
Any extra clips and greeblies I can locate before shipping.
Roll of silver tape
Fleece-lined helmet bag

The full kit was primed in Rustoleum black primer and followed by three coats of Rustoleum gloss black with wet sanding in between. When I felt it was ready for finishing, I coated and buffed it several times with Meguiar's Ultimate Compound. It was finished with an airbrushed coat of Alclad II Chrome.
I am 5'9" with a 44" bust (over boobs), 36" underbust, and a 31" waist. This will be far easier to take in than to let out. I wear a snug men's medium or slightly loose ladies XL.

As costume approval is based on how each costume fits the individual, I will not in any way guarantee that this costume will be approved by a costuming organization. However, it was formally approved by the 501st Legion for me and has been painted and assembled to meet those costuming standards.

Phasma has been a labor of love for me and took countless hours of work and research to ensure she was ready for approval. If we are similar in size you should be able to wear her with minor adjustments. I'm happy to help out with sizing or paint advice as well. 


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