Refunds and Returns

I will generally only provide refunds before your order has processed.
If we do agree to a refund, I will apply a 7% restocking charge to cover the associated fees.
Please do not make a purchase from my store if you are unwilling to abide by the parameters set forth on this page.
I am almost always amenable to allowing you to change your order provided that I have not already purchased the materials. If I have already done so, we can discuss an arrangement that is mutually beneficial.
I want my customers to be happy with their finished orders and generally work with them to ensure I have met their costuming needs. If I am unable to complete an order as promised I will provide a refund or exchange. I put a great deal of time and energy into maintaining the site, adding new content, and working on and developing commissions and will not give you a refund simply because you decided you no longer want your order.

Order Processing and Delivery Times


When you order is ready to ship you will receive an email with your tracking information.

I do not make things ahead of time or keep anything in stock. 

This is a hobby business, so I cannot dedicate all of my time to completing commissions. For this reason, it's really important that if you have a want-by date that we set that ASAP. I appreciate your orders but would rather decline than have either or both of us frustrated by an inability to meet a specific deadline.
I generally only reach out when I have a question, but please feel free to request updates at any time. I'll get back to you as soon as I'm able!