Most people don't know that I spent the first 13 years of my professional career as an educator. Over that time I taught a wide variety of grades and subjects, held a California teaching credential, am a No Child Left Behind Highly Qualified teacher, and have an M.Ed. in Educational Administration. So yeah, I kind of like to teach!

I've had the opportunity to host a few panels on fabrication and materials so it seems a natural extension to offer classes and seminars on a smaller basis! I'm open to teaching just about anything I can understand and am comfortable working with all ages. Here are a few options:
    Costume Making Workshops
    One-On-One Skill Classes
     Product Testing and Review
     Panel Hosting 
     Costume Contest Judging


Are you interested in having me host a panel or workshop at your local convention? Let me know, or better yet, reach out to their event staff! I owe a great deal of what I've learned to other makers and so I'm happy to share my experience!