I occasionally receive requests for one-time custom pieces, and generally only take on one per month so that I can continue to work on my standard projects. If you are interested in obtaining one of these slots please read the following before you contact me:

With custom orders, I charge a non-refundable deposit of a certain amount at the time we establish your order. I set aside your particular month and guarantee completion for your need by date.

At the beginning of your build month, I require payment in full. If you go through with the order, the deposit is applied to the final price. If you choose not to order, you lose the deposit.

If you need to push back or move up the date in order to save money or because your need-by changes, I'll be happy to do so provided that I can accommodate it.
Please send me exact images of the build you are looking for so that I can provide a more accurate quote.


 June 2015
Wolverine Oni Helmet
July 2015
Katniss's Mockingjay Wings
August 2015
Sith Mask
September 2015
Sith Warrior Helmet with Trophy,

and Belt Jewel

October 2015

Starkiller Mandalorian Variant

November 2015

Destiny Custom Hunter