Book of the Dead

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Specific delivery dates must be agreed upon when you order.

Printed in PLA+ in whatever color I have on hand at .3mm with 15% infill. All kits are shipped with the supports removed but will require clean up and finishing. I suggest sanding, followed by filler primer, and a top coat of XTC-3D or UV resin for smoothness and added rigidity.

This kit is composed of multiple pieces, the total of which depends on which version you buy.

Box Version: 29 Pieces
Page Version: 42 pieces
Just the Outer: 25 Pieces

All of the versions feature a working gear structure that allows you to actually turn the lock. You'll find the Key to Hamunaptra here.

Model by Andy Valentine

Ask about custom commissions! 
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If you choose to make a purchase, please understand that I complete orders as I am able. I don't have a team. I do not make things ahead of time or keep anything in stock. All of my listings clearly state this information and my refund policy. This is a hobby business, so I cannot dedicate all of my time to completing commissions. For this reason, it's really important that if you have a want-by date that we set that ASAP. I appreciate your orders but would rather decline than have either or both of us frustrated by an inability to meet a specific deadline.

I generally only reach out when I have a question, but please feel free to request updates at any time. I'll get back to you as soon as I'm able!

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