The Star Wars Craft Book
Jennifer Belgin

While I've always been a fan of a galaxy far, far away, The Clone Wars allowed me to share the joy with my boys. I was pulled back into the wonderful world of Star Wars and discovered the larger community of fans through costuming communities and on social media. This eventually led me to Bonnie Burton's Star Wars Craft Book and opened up a whole new world of crafty activities. I didn't own a sewing machine at the time but that wasn't an impediment to making my boys a pair of bantha plushes. I can't say exactly how many of the crafts we tried our hands at, but those banthas are the ones who traveled with us on numerous adventures. 

As so many of us are home practicing our social distancing, it's really the perfect time to take up new activities like crafting. Bonnie helped contribute to this endeavor by sharing the instructions for these fluffy cuties and you can find it here. If you're looking for other projects I highly recommend that you pick up the full book!


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