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Costume and Prop Design, Fabrication, and Instruction
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Proptober Day 4 - Knolling

I was an avid watcher of Mythbusters and have continued to track Adam Savage's shenanigans through Tested and on Twitter, which is how I found out about Knolling. I have to say that it's soothing from an organizational standpoint and just down right pretty at times.
There is some debate regarding the differences between Knolling and straight up organization, but my take is that Knolling goes beyond tidying things and focuses on making them aesthetically pleasing, as well.  For today's challenge, well, Knoll some things! Your art supplies, sewing notions, sculpting tools, whatever catches your fancy. You'll find a simple description in the image below and a more detailed assessment of the art in the linked "Zen" article from Make Magazine.

Zen and the Art of Knolling


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