Proptober Day 8 - Cell Shading
Jennifer Belgin
I'm an avid fan of The Walking Dead. Even though I started the series a year late, I'm definitely caught up now, as well as with Fear the Walking Dead. I've had the opportunity to watch an episode at Nic & Norman's in Senoia and bought Telltale Games Season 1 of The Walking Dead. It's actually one of the few games I've ever played start to finish and it was hard not to fall in love with Clementine. Her hat is an iconic part of the series so it was kind of a no-brainer for the day devoted to cell shading.
You can start with a completely white cap and add all of the color, start with one that has blue, that is blue and has the letter on it, or totally skip it all and buy one that is already cell shaded if that's how you roll! Mine is a blue and white cap and the rest is done with Sharpie and Createx airbrush paint.

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