Proptober Day 2 - Color Schemes
Jennifer Belgin
Color is exciting and I discovered these amazing color palette/scheme thingies on Pinterest a few years ago that have often served as inspiration for myself or clients when we're developing a custom Mandalorian. They've also popped up in various places to reference Pantone colors used on video games and television series, or even films.
Your challenge for Day 2 is to create a color palette for a costume or prop you'd like to make. Or whatever, because I'm totally picking a scene from my favorite film of all time, despite the fact that I'd never feel comfortable wearing the costume.
There are so many ways you can do this. Grab swatches of fabric, match it to paint or pencil or pen colors. Since I do a lot with Illustrator, I love to be able to grab the hex codes and found this awesome online Color Picker.
Here's some inspiration for you!

Cinema Palettes


Star Wars Movies By Their Colors (Thanks Crazy Callisto!)



Color Theory Palettes

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