Proptober Day 18 - Pepakura
Jennifer Belgin
Pepakura is the art of paper folding and has oodles of applications in prop and costume fabrication. Some prefer it for small craft projects, while others have built full scale costumes. How? With the aid of tools like Pepakura Designer, Pepakura Viewer, tape, glue, and a whole lot of patience. 
I opted for a pretty simple project that fit the spookiness of October: Jack Skellington from Disney's "The Nightmare Before Christmas". You can grab the pdf for Jack by following the link and print it out at your leisure. If you are interested in something entirely different, you'll also find links to a handful of sites that host many pep designs. You'll need Pepakura Viewer to print them out so make sure to download that, as well. If you are interested in designing your own pep files, I've added the link for that too! Happy crafting and watch out for paper cuts!

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