Proptober Day 14 - Organize
Jennifer Belgin
Organization is really a personal thing and to some it's merely piling things up in a particular place. I prefer a combination of digital and physical storage, and have come to rely heavily on Dropbox because I can access it from any computer as well as my phone. I then use Trello to organize all my projects, set dates, add photos, and links to my folders. Whether it's your thread, images, paints, or thoughts, take a moment to organize something today!
Here are a couple of free programs that may help with planning and organization:
    Free and premium subscriptions
    Apple and Android
    Add reference photos
    Create to-do lists
    Track your budget
      Free and premium subscriptions
      Apple and Android
      Folder structure
      Syncs through devices
      Here's a snapshot of part of my Dropbox "Reference" folder.

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