Proptober Day 10 - Upcycle
Jennifer Belgin
I regularly purge unnecessary items from my house but I have a really, really hard time throwing anything away that could conceivably be used in a future project. But that's not what I'm talking about today. Today is for making something out of stuff that seemingly doesn't have much of a use. In my case, that's turning a handful of toilet paper and paper towel rolls into candles!

The version above is the rolls with some hot glue dripping down the sides and white spraypaint. But you can totally take it a step further and add flickering, electric tealights, or even hang them from the ceiling with fishing line to make them look like they're floating above the great hall at Hogwarts.
FYI I found that starting at the bottom and working my way up the tube created more of a realistic wax-droplet look.
Here's a simple version of the hanging variety:

Floating candles not floating your boat? How about a utility belt?

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