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Jennifer Belgin

I am extremely thrilled to have a growing following on social media that has more inquiries and commissions requests headed my way on a daily basis. I thought it was time to do a quite write up about myself, my business, and what you can expect if you make a purchase from my shop.

My name is Jen and I'm a single mom of two teen boys. I have a full time 9-5 job and do this in my free time because it helps provide me with some fun money to fund my own costumes. It's also a great artistic outlet that allows me to produce all different sorts of props and costumes, learn new skills that I may not otherwise, and then ship these pieces off to new homes so that they don't fill mine up!

Here are some quick facts:

1) 99% of my pieces are made to order.

2) I usually produce items in the order in which they were purchased. However, sometimes a piece needs a bigger printer or is waiting on a material to arrive or something along those lines. In these cases I'll start printing other orders to more efficiently use my time.

3) You can order for a specific event! This is just something I need to know before your purchase. I have several clients right now who don't expect their finished pieces until the fall so I'll be printing other orders in the interim.

4) You are not my only client. I usually have about 15 projects in various states of completion. 

5) What you see me sharing on Instagram is probably something that was ordered 3 or 4 months ago. The pandemic really threw a loop in energy, materials, and communication so some may be even older.

Despite the fact that I have a lot of projects to share, I do not make enough money to do this full time. I think people often have the misconception that I have hundreds of orders and make a lot of money from this. THIS IS NOT THE CASE. I only get a few orders a month and many of them are for items that take some time to produce. I have always run this as a passion project and not a job because it simply doesn't pay the bills. I make very little profit and most of that goes right back in to shop supplies or maintenance on my printers.

Since this is not my full time job, there is a limit to how much time I can spend on commissions. This is why I have it listed in multiple places in my shop that I will not guarantee a delivery date unless that is something we can agree upon when you order. One of these locations is in the Product Details section of each listing. 

I also have a tab called Order FAQ that repeats this and mentions some other pertinent details.

One of these other details is that I generally do not reach out to people unless I have a specific question or comment. I have limited resources and multiple ongoing projects so do not expect me to message you here and there with updates. HOWEVER, I try to be extremely diligent in responding to people who reach out to me about their orders and I absolutely mean it when I say it's not a bother to respond to your questions. Please do not hesitate to ask for an update.

I would estimate that at least 30% of my clients do not read any of this. It's extremely frustrating to have someone message me after an order to ask why their item hasn't shipped. Sometimes I will get an email along the lines of, "Well I thought it would take x amount of time." or "I was hoping to have it by x date". Sadly, I am neither psychic nor prescient so I have no way of knowing these things unless you tell me.

I also need to know this information within a reasonable period of time, so as soon as you order, my shop sends you a confirmation email detailing your purchase and reiterating how I run my shop. I also give you the opportunity to immediately cancel your order at that time for a full refund.


It is REALLY IMPORTANT that you understand the conditions of a purchase before you place an order. It clearly states on all of my listings that "Due to the custom nature of these items, no refunds will be offered."

Why do I have this rule?  1) My time has value. It takes me time to list orders, respond to emails, create an avatar for your custom sizing, slice your prints, order materials and the like. 2) Materials aren't free. I have to buy filament for your prints, replacement parts for printers, fabric, tools, glue, and all other manner of items to create your projects. I usually do this as soon as you order, not to mention that I am charged fees for your purchase and to maintain my shop.

THERE ARE DEFINITELY EXCEPTIONS to this that I handle on a case by case basis. I want you to be happy with your purchase and am always willing to consider reasonable requests. 

I really love working with my clients and I always look forward to your orders. However, you are in no way obligated to purchase anything from me and I am not going to change the way I do business.

This is what works for me. I completely and totally understand if it doesn't work for you and wish you the best of luck in finding a maker who fits your needs! I often give referrals to makers who create products that I do not, or who may be able to fit your timeline so don't be shy about asking. 

My many heartfelt thanks to those of you who trust me to create something for you and to all of you who drop in now and again to express your appreciation for my work. I love doing this and your enthusiasm keeps me going!

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