Death Watch - Pre-Vizsla Season 4 & 5 - Costume Details
Jennifer Belgin
A substantial number of my canon builds are Death Watch so I wanted to start putting the details in a location that was more accessible to me and others wanting to work on their kits. The write up is 98% the brainchild of Kevin Weir. I've added in a few images and details and I also have sources for just about every piece in the kit.

Jumpsuit - Olive Green
Gloves – Olive Green
Vest – Olive Green / Blue
Leather Belt – Olive Green
Jetpack – (Vizsla specific)
Boots – Black with Silver and Beige Soles and Toe Caps
Shins – Silver/ Dark Gray (Shin Darts - Season 5 only)
Knees - Sliver/ Dark Gray (Arch Indented Front)
Thighs – Med/ Dark Gray
Holsters - Med/ Dark Gray
Cod – Dark Gray Belt – Med/ Dark Gray with Goldish-yellow on side squares
Chest Plates – Sliver/ Dark Gray (Chest Logo Light Blue with Yellow center rectangle on diamond is Green)
Collar Plate – Sliver/ Dark Gray
Shoulder Bells – Sliver/ Dark Gray
Gauntlets – LEFT - Med/ Dark Gray RIGHT - Med/ Dark Gray
Handbacks - Med/ Dark Gray Helmet – Season 4/5 Helmet with Ear Caps and Cannon Kit

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