Jennifer Belgin

A few months ago I took on a commission to complete a helmet based on Jango Fett from Ian Doescher's The Clone Army Attacketh. Rather than a standard range finder, this jaunty knave has literally placed a feather in his cap, so I ordered feathers for the first time today.

Whenever I work with a new item I like to gather a bit of information about it, 1) Because I'm kind of obsessed with learning new things, and 2) I feel it gives me a better understanding of how to use it. I guess I shouldn't be surprised that there is a great deal to learn about sizing, styles and functionality from both biological and fashion standpoints!

Everything You Need To Know About Feathers

A History of Style: The Feather

Birds of Paradise: Plumes and Feathers in Fashion
Fashioning Feathers

Feather Painting 101

DIY Painted Feathers

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